Tap That Kitty

Tap That Kitty Title

Tap that Kitty, was my first game I have released. It started off as a challenge to myself to see what i could build in a weekend. After that I thought I had something so i put some polish on it, and then I released it. It is out on Android devices for right now, and will be releasing it later for iOS.

Space Shooter Rampage

SSR Title

This is my current project I'm working on, it will be a classic top down shooter inspired by the old arcade games. It will feature a Survival Mode which you only have one life and you must stay alive as long as you can to build your score higher and higher. It will also feature a Arcade mode, in which you will be given lives, more can be picked up. You must battle your way through a 100 rounds, each round will consist of multiple waves, and ever now and then you will face a big challenge. There might be more modes coming later. Hoping to release by the end of summer for iOS and Android. I also update the video page with progress videos so check back often to see my progress!