Greetings and Salutations

I am a freelance Video Game Designer and Developer.

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Welcome to my home on the web. I have been designing and building games for about 3 years now. I have one game out on Android devices called Tap That kitty(link below). I am currently working a scrolling shoot 'em up arcade style of game for mobile devices.

I have recently rebuilt and redesigned my first game Tap That Kitty, it has a more balance diffculty spike, and is still free. Check out the download link in the bottom or in the menu.

Please feel free to look around and some of my work, check out the video page for some screen captures. Check me out on social media, check out my twitch stream, I don't always stream but now and then when not working on super secret stuff.

Tap That Kitty Screen

Tap That Kitty
An Infinite Runner

My first game released, woot. It is a infinite runner game where you have to jump over obstacles and collect coins to add to your score. I completely rebuilt the game from the ground up, try the new version now.

Available now on Google Play store,
Coming soon to iOS devices!!

Space Shooter Rampage
Current Project

My Current game I am working on, it is a throw back to the arcade style of scrolling shooters. It will feature quest line story as well as a Survival mode play until your ship is destroyed, and a classic Arcade mode you battle your way through rounds trying to make it to the final stage.